Why our technology?

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From amongst numerous technologies of data storage media destruction (such as for instance: hard drives), the chemical technology – LiquiDATAis the only mobile method which offers one hundred percent of guarantee that the given data carrier has been subject to irreversible annihilation.

During the chemical reaction the structure of the given data carrier is subdue to irreversible change: the drive is turned into liquid. This means that at the level of current technology advancement, there is no possibility for the restoration of its initial structure, and therefore there is no possibility to read any of the data recorded therein.

At the same time in the process of the executed chemical utilisation the drive is at no time started up, the fact that significant decreases the possibility for any information stored therein, to be obtained by any unauthorised individuals, thus imposing significant limitation upon any potential third party access.

LiquiDATA is…

  • IRREVERSIBLE… utilised medium (for instance destroyed hard drive) is subject to irreversible dissolving into the liquid form, thanks to which there is no possibility for the restoring of its initial structure as well as any of the data stored therein.
  • ECOLOGICAL… the liquid created as the result of the executed chemical reaction is transported to water purification plant, since as a coagulant it is a valuable ingredient which supports the process of purification of other waste!
  • FAST AND MOBILE… our clients are able to utilise their hard drives in both a stationary laboratory, as well as within MCUDs, which the client may order to any stipulated address nationwide, in time convenient to the client.
  • ECONOMICAL… the best ratio of price to data removal effectiveness. No one else is able to offer one hundred percent guarantee of effectiveness of irreversible data removal at such an economical price.
  • VERIFIED… technology of chemical data carrier destruction possesses the positive experts’ opinion, by amongst others issued by the National Association of Confidential Data Protection (KSOIN) and Military Technical Academy (Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna).


LiquiDATA - absolute destruction of data storage media. Data recovery liquidated.


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