Mobile Data Destruction Centre

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Mobile Data Destruction Centre (MDDC) is a specially designed car-laboratory, which provides the opportunity of safe and comfortable utilisation of data carriers with the application of LiquiDATA technology at any desired location, without the necessity of their transporting out from the client’s premises.

Mobilne Centrum Utylizacji DanychTwo compartments are located inside the vehicle, within which the process of disassembly, shredding as well as chemical utilisation of data carrier take place. The whole process is subject to constant monitoring with the application of vision cameras and sound registry device. Thanks to transparent elements of vehicle equipment as well as chemical reactors, the Client is offered even greater control over what exactly happens with the provided data carrier.

The application of the MDDC allows the Client to generate savings which other ways would have to be devoted, amongst others, to the transport of data carriers to the laboratory, devoted to their security as well as additional fees of delegated employees, as well as the necessity of employees executing other work than their current and ongoing responsibilities, and more over, save the necessity of storage within Client’s premises. At the same time the own system of vehicle power supply does not encumber the Client with any additional costs.

Mobile Data Destruction Centre offers:

  • complete monitoring of the process

    • structure elements of the mobile laboratory, including the elements of the shredder and reactors, within which the chemical reaction of data carrier annihilation takes place, are made of transparent material
    • cameras which monitor the interior of the vehicle as well as record the whole process of the reaction, cameras which monitor the surroundings of the vehicle
    • sound registration system inside the vehicle


  • comfort

    • mobile laboratory ensures the possibility for the utilisation of data carriers within any desired location nationwide (worldwide)
    • the client does not have to transport his sensitive data to the location of their utilisation – if needed the laboratory comes to the client
  • savings

    • the client does not have to hire a convoy company
    • no need to pay extra to delegated employees
    • no costs of transport
    • the laboratory does not require additional power supply source
  • limitation of risk

    • the application of LiquiDATA technology guarantees irreversible annihilation of data
    • complete monitoring of the process of securing against the theft of data during the execution of process of their destruction
    • lack of transport rules out the possibility of theft of data (also any possibility of substituting the medium or copying any of the data inside) during the particular phases of the execution of the process
    • the disc is never started up, therefore there are no chances of copying of any information from the drive

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