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About 70% of data worldwide, including information classified as sensitive, is stored solely in electronic form.

LiquiDATA is an ideal solution for all of the companies and institutions, which store any type of sensitive data: personal data, information important to national safety, financial information etc. Truly, nowadays there is no organisation, which could afford any leak of information from company computers without imposing any damage – if not financial damage, than at least damage inflicted to company image and reputation.

Moreover nowadays, in the fast paced and constantly progressing scale of technological advancement, company hardware is subject to much frequent replacement than it had been in the past, the fact that stands for the necessity of the proper taking care and securing of their content before they are sent to the adequate location of electro-rubbish collection.

That is why the possibility of safe and moreover effective utilisation of used data carriers (such as for instance hard drives) have become an urgent need of both private companies as well as national and public administration as well as any organisations storing personal data.

Proper and adequate utilisation of data storage media does not only constitute a good practice but also a legal requirement.

LiquiDATA technology is above all dedicated to:

  • public administration, which stores citizen personal and financial data
  • police and military services, which store sensitive data of national security character
  • banks and financial institutions which store their clients’ financial data
  • legal offices and courts, for the ensuring of notary’s confidentiality as well as the security of clients’ data
  • private companies, for the needs of ensuring of confidentiality of employees’ and clients’ personal data as well as for the needs of securing business confidentiality


LiquiDATA – complete destruction of any data carrier.
With no carrier present any information is sure to perish.


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