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Deleting data from disks? Removing or wiping informations from data carriers? Irreversible destruction of hard drives!

LiquiDATA isLiquiDATA the innovative Polish developed technology of chemical destruction of data storage media (for instance: hard drives). It is the only mobile method from the currently available technologies which are providing a one hundred percent guarantee that all of the data on the carrier shall be subject to irreversible destruction.

Ecological utilisation

Before the execution of the proper utilisation from the device what is restored are all of the elements which are applicable for further reuse, whereas the same data carrier during special chemical reaction is dissolved in the form of ecological liquid, which then may be reused in water purification plant in order for its application in purification of other waste or in the processes of aluminium manufacturing.

Data destruction at the clients location

The technology is applied within the so-called Mobile Data Destruction Centre (MDDC). It is the specially prepared vehicle-laboratory, which enables for the utilisation of electronic data and information carriers in any desired location determined by the client.

Innovative technology

LiquiDATA technology has been elaborated by Polish scientists lieutenant colonel doctor engineer Waldemar Maliszewski, coloner M.A. engineer Kazimierz Szyszka and Rafal Iwaniec and is registered within the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

LiquiDATA - turning disks into a liquid!

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